Saturday, May 21, 2011

February Challenge 123 Step-by-Step

February Challenge 123 Step-by-Step

1. Colour - Cream
2. Word - About
3. Technique/Theme/ - Upcycling

Materials List:
Chipboard background
Book page
Surgical Gauze
Potpourri Flowers
Macramé Belt
Crochet Cotton
Spray Mist
Vintage button
Gel pen

For this particular layout I’ve chosen to use the above listed non-traditional scrapbooking projects.

To start I created the background using the chip board, book page and paint. I first adhered the book page using a glue stick and then scraped some cream paint randomly over this, using a piece of scrap card

I then dried it using the heat gun.

To further embellish the layout I used some surgical gauze, parts of a macramé belt, flower from a vintage doilie, and dried potpourri flowers.

To begin I coloured the gauze using a cream coloured spray mist, and dried it quickly using a heat gun. This way it dries stiff and makes it easy to adhere with the glue stick, and then tease, fray and shape as required.

This was dried with a heat gun before being adhere to the layout using a glue stick.

The potpourri flowers have been adhered using a quick clear drying gel glue.

To create the stems and centres of the flower embellishments I have cut down the tassels from the macramé belt and adhered them using quick clear drying gel glue.

I have also used a flower cut from a vintage doilie to use as a centre for one of the flowers

To create the title I have used one of the macramé belt tassels to create the letter A.

Here are some close up shots of the final project.

Well I do hope you enjoy this months challenge. A big big thank you to Charmane and the team for having me on board I so so chuffed.

Cheers Louise xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing your creativeness with us. These layouts are amazing and super inspiring .