Friday, July 15, 2011

Quik and easy project for you and the kids during the holidays

Hi Guys

This is a project I completed for Aussie Scrap Source for their Make it Yourself Series in March.

I elected to do quick and simple stamps. This would be so easy and fun for you to do with the kids.

What you will need is;
Craft Foam [I got mine from a discount store]
Acrylic stamping block
Craft Knife
Black marker/pen
Cutting Mat
double sided adhesive tape
Glue stick
Ink pad

Begin with drawing your design onto the craft foam

Using either the craft knife and/or scissors cut out your design

Just a close up of cut out stamps and tools used LOL :)

Attache your craft foam stamp to acrylic block with a couple of small pieces of double sided tape [in strategic places :)].

To seal the craft foam stamp top prevent it soaking up too much ink seal it with the glue stick and allow it to dry :)

Ink and stamp away to your hearts content!!! :)

Cheers and happy creating :)


  1. I love this Lou, i didn't realize you could make stamps without special products. Snap - I could do that TODAY!!! Awesome, thx for sharing xox

  2. congratulations on your Masters win!! Looking forward to seeing your work!!

  3. Thanx for the tip about sealing the tops of my fun foam hand-made stamps with glue.